Scenes from the Winsted Fall Foliage Festival


IMG_2804 a (2)

There’s something about black and white images that provide a sense of history and importance to the events they depict.  Perhaps in my mind it hearkens back to era when newspapers printed their photos in black and white and the sheer act of publishing a black and white photo preserved the moment and bestowed upon it a certain sense of permanence and immortality.

Submitted for your consideration are some images from the Winsted Fall Foliage Festival which was held on Main Street. We arrived in the last hour just when it threatened a rain that fortunately held off.

Does seeing the images in black and white change your perspective of the event?

Other notes on the festival: We purchased a nice crochet animal from a local vendor/creator to support a local artist and it was something my daughter wanted. Then we went to the Winsted Community Bookstore and my son picked up a copy of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. To top it off we had the opportunity to say hello to some friends we saw along the way including Phillip, Charlene and my fellow WAPJ broadcaster Darcy! Of course none of those experiences were photographed but I suppose because we were living in the moment but it was nice to see them all the same!

If you went, would you like to add your photos to this archive? Email them to or send a message to the Winsted Reader facebook page! (and if you’d like me to put your photo in a black/white filter let me know too!) I’ll make sure to give credit to each photographer for their photos!

IMG_2805 a (2)

winsted festival 1

winsted festival 2

winsted festival 3

winsted festival 4

winsted festival 5

winsted festival 6

winsted festival 7

winsted festival 8


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