Scenes from the Riverton Fair

rf 1

The Riverton Fair is a treat for all ages. There are rides and amusements for the young and the young at heart, food vendors of all varieties of enticements, live entertainment, animal discoveries, arts and crafts and more.

rf 4

A wide shot as we approached the Fair from the parking area. There were plenty of parking opportunities and the team working the Fair were professional and polite.

rf 5

We arrived in the early afternoon on Saturday and the positive vibes of everyone attending was infectious.

rf 6

There were exhibits like the historical motor which is shown here

rf 8

A big draw is the Ferris Wheel that allows the guest to enjoy a birds eye view of the Fair!

rf 9

There were plenty of opportunities to win prizes of all sorts at the different entertainment kiosks at the Fair.

rf 10

Live entertainment included oxen pulls, axe throws, lumber competitions and more!

rf 11

A perennial favorite is the Ferris Wheel but  my daughter found another entertainment opportunity an absolute must when we return…

rf 16…the AVALANCHE!

So we traversed the grounds and explored more of the amusements before making a beeline for the cotton candy!

rf 17 (2)

We definitely will be returning to Riverton for the fair, if not tomorrow, then absolutely next year!

*If you would like to add YOUR photos to this archive, feel free to email me at  and we’ll post them with credit to you, the photographer!


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